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Dear fellow Scientist,

due to increasing prices on the world and energy market and currency fluctuations we have a need to raise some of the product prices. But as we kown that budgets are tight we offer you a 4.5% Skonto if you pay as early as within 14 days. So almost nothing is changing effectively.
And if you like to save even bigger,  just become a valued part of the PELOClub Family - save every time you order and get special offers - limited to members. 

Also we like to get better and better and grow with you: So we wolud love to get your feedback on our products. Just write an email with your TESTIMONIAL and get a big smile and thank you from us.
Please email us to get more details: info@pelobiotech.com

Exclusive Europewide

We are now exclusive distributor for ReachBio in Europe. ReachBio taps into deep expertise in stem cell, progenitor cell and  primary cell biology.
They offer

- Human #PCs from Hematopoietic Tissues such as Peripheral Blood, Cord Blood and Bone Marrow. Adult SC (CD34+ and CD133+)
Immune Cells (CD3+, CD4+, CD8+...)
- Human MSCs and Media
- Colony Gel for CFU Assay

And also the great services. Visit the just launched Cell Prism platform here.


Take your Drug Development to the next level: PELOBiotech loves to introduce you to CELL2Sphere.

This unique and ready-to use #3D is a screening solution. We are happy that we distribute this unique tool and other products by STEMTEK now in Germany, Austria and Switzerland exclusively.

More details watch this You Tube video here.

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EASY - New Ways in Cell Culture

Neue Medien und Optimierung für Endothelzellen

by Lothar Steeb, PhD, CSO, PELOBIOTECH

Date: Tue, March 21, 2017, 10 AM
language: German
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Get the great overview of most improtant Media and the increasing meaning in #Endothelial Cell Culture..

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Tissue Dissociation

Stop lot testing DE Collagenase Optimization Kit
is flexible and affordable. The optimization kit provides one 100 mg pack size from each of the five formulations comprising the full spectrum of DE Collagenase products. We offer the DE Collagenase Optimization Kit with 20% Discount for only 560 EUR. Cat#: PB-007-1050 Just call us, if you are interested in our special sampling programm (+49 89 517 286 59-0) and save even more! Download Product Flyer here
Valid until April 30, 2017


HUVEC Cell Kit (1 vial HUVEC single donor + 1 x EASY Endothelial Cell Growth Medium (500 ml) for only 333,- EUR! Cat# PB-CH-190-8011-EK (single donor) or PB-CH-190-8013-EK (pooled) Valid until Mar. 31, 2017 Mesenchymal Stem Cell Kits
We offer mesenchymal stem cell kits (MSC´s and 500 ml medium) and human plasma derived fibronectin with 10 % off.
PB-C-CH-675-0511-k – Xeno-free MSC Kit (derived from adipose tissue)
PB-CH-675-0511-44-k – MSC Kit (derived from bone marrow)
PB-CH-642-0511-k – MSC Kit (derived from adipose tissue)
PB-CH-690-0511-k – MSC Kit (derived from Wharton Jelly) PB-LU-508-0000 – human Plasma derived Fibronectin valid until Mar. 31, 2017

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